Venetian Maskmaking: Pomp and Prosperity in the Republic


Available dates:

1 July (Sat), 2-4.30pm at National Design Centre (near Bugis MRT): Register here.

6 July (Thu), 7.30-10.00pm at The Yellow Cage (near Aljunied MRT): Register here.

What do Assassin's Creed, Mardi Gras and Phantom of the Opera have in common? If your answer is the Venetian mask, you're right. Get inspired by famous and intriguing Venetian masks throughout history like the Medica della Peste (Plague Doctor), the Colombina half-mask, the cat-like Gnaga and more to kickstart your creativity and curiosity into this classical Renaissance art. Create your own mould and cast, as you craft and embellish your own Venetian mask from scratch.

BONUS: Immerse yourself in Venice via VR experience with Google Cardboard.

Historically, these masks became so popular throughout the wealthy Venetian Republic in commerce, elections and daily lifestyle to the extent that the Roman Empire had to limit its use. Symbolising prosperity and craftsmanship, this elegant European art is now getting popular among cosplayers, costume artists, theatre practitioners, partygoers and carnival organisers around the world.

Best for youth and adult learners. Children aged 10 and above are welcomed. Class will only commence with 10 sign ups.

Thu Jul 6, 2017
7:30 PM - 10:30 PM SGT
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The Yellow Cage (near Aljunied MRT)
Make your Mask here! $48.00
Venue Address
The Yellow Cage, 50 Sims Close, Singapore 388570 Singapore
8 mins walk from Aljunied MRT
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